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Ubermodel Tawni Sessions has an apartment right here in Hollywood, and can often be found window shopping in Beverly Hills.

Tawni Sessions is a popular model and local celebrity, based in Hollywood. She is an enemy, whether she knows it or not, of the bitter Nosferatu Imalia.


According to Imalia, before Tawni became a successful model, she was a "fluff girl", a woman in the porn industry hired to perform fellatio on men to get them erect before filming.

At some point after Imalia's apparent death, Tawni became an extremely popular model, which made the Nosferatu woman hate her with a passion. Because of this, Imalia asked the fledgling to install web cameras inside Tawni's hotel room for her to spy on her rival. When the fledgling completes the mission, it is revealed to the press that Tawni and her boyfriend were engaging in zoophiliac acts with a llama. With her reputation and career destroyed, Tawni committed suicide by taking half of a bottle of Valium and chasing it with a fifth of gin.


  • Tawni is one of the women of the game that's featured in a sexy poster given by Gary Golden if you give him his desired object in exchange for it.
  • Judging by the symbol on her shirt, her sign is Cancer. That means she was born between June 22 and July 22.



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