Teachers are characters who can give the protagonist a stat increase either by doing a quest for them or simply making the right dialog choices. Unlike skill books, lessons from characters have no stat requirements, and only two of them a maximum skill level at which they can be received and are as such all highly valuable, potentially earning a skill point normally worth 20 XP.

Locations and Requirements

Below is a table listing all characters capable of improving skills, the skills they improve and the exact requirements for the lesson. The order is approximately the one the lessons can be received in.

Character Stat increased Maximum level Acquisition
Trip Finance Reward for completing Drug Trip (Unofficial Patch Plus only)
Nines Rodriguez Brawl 3 By asking him for advice at The Last Round after blowing up the warehouse (Brawl needs to be 2 or less)
Nines Rodriguez Melee 5 By asking him for advice at the Last Round after Elizabethan Rendezvous
Fat Larry Finance 5 Reward for completing Traffik
Beckett Scholarship 3 Received by asking him out about Kindred lore at the Museum during Patron of the Ancient Arts (Scholarship needs to be 2 or less)
Romero Firearms 3 Reward for completing either You Only Die Once a Night
or Pimpin' for Romero (Firearms needs to be 2 or less)
Bertram Tung Computer Reward for completing Missing Data
Beckett Investigation or Scholarship or Discipline 5 Received by asking him about himself after completing Italian Dinner
(Classic only)


  • While You Only Die Once a Night and Pimpin' for Romero can be both done in one playthrough when using Unofficial Patch Plus, the Firearms lesson can only be earned once, as a reward for whichever quest is done first.
  • The increase of the Finance skill by Fat Larry is actually just a technical workaround because the dialog promises a discount while actual discounts were never implemented as a feature – the same applies to Trip's "discount" received for the Drug Trip quest. As a result, a "discount" from one of them paradoxically leads to better prices in all places.
  • There is an exploit that allows circumventing the level limit of Romero's lesson and receiving Firearms level 5 for free – since skills can be increased during conversations one can follow the conversation with Romero up to the point where the fledgling is given the option to take the lesson and then increase the skill to level 4 before accepting it. (This will also work for any other Teacher)
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