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The Gargoyle is a creature and an enemy that appears in the Asian Theater, Hollywood, during the sidequest Gargoyle Removal Service.


This gargoyle was created by the Tremere Regent Maximillian Strauss to protect the Tremere Chantry but eventually, the creature rebelled. At some point in the past, it made its haven in the old Asian Theater and every attempt made by the Anarch Baron of Hollywood, Isaac Abrams, to evict it from there was met with failure.


While being extremely violent and vicious, the Gargoyle can be reasoned with. It hates its creator, Strauss, with a passion and it is willing to join anyone who would fight against the Tremere.

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  • The gargoyle appears to have been sculpted wearing a set of ancient Chinese armor, suggesting Strauss either created the golem out of a Chinese statue, or has an affinity for the Chinese aesthetic.
  • Following the line of thinking above. The armor appears to be an amalgam of various dynasties, from Shang to Song and even Qin
  • It is possible for the gargoyle to become stuck on debris, allowing you to make the fight easier. Simply run up the stairs, and proceed all the way to either the left or right, and allow the gargoyle to destroy the platform(s) and bait him to walk through it.
  • Despite being made of stone, disciplines such as Burrowing Beetle, Spectral Wolf, etc. deal considerable damage to him.


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