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You and your kind may play mortals for weaklings and fools, and that may be fitting for some, but you underestimate me.
―The Mandarin

The Mandarin is a character in Vampire: The Masquerade – Bloodlines.


The Mandarin is an Asian scientist and vampire hunter, who heads the Fu Syndicate. He lures Kindred into his man-made testing grounds, to experiment on them until he finds the most efficient method of killing them. Hacked emails indicate that he is taking orders from someone named "Priestess," which refers to Ming Xiao. Granted the player hacks into his email, a new dialogue option considering Fu Syndicate will appear during dialogue with Ming Xiao. She will then admit it was her plan to find a way to win the war with Kindred.


The Mandarin is a ruthless individual who will sacrifice anything and everything, in order to eradicate vampirism. He also seems to have ties with the underworld of Chinatown. He is remarkably unconcerned with the loss of human life, encouraging the protagonist to kill Johnny of the Tong and a human sent to test the "Van Helsing Protocol" (the use of a cross). When the protagonist kills a team of gunmen that are part of the test, he merely remarks that the team is down.


As a scientist, the Mandarin is an intellectually gifted person, as he created ingenious traps and technologies to use in his test chambers.

Related Quests

Dragon's Tail
The Mandarin orders the death of Tong member Johnny, in exchange for information.
I Spy Barabus
The Mandarin is ultimately responsible for Gary's agent disappearing.
Come Into My Parlor
The Mandarin invites the fledgling to his organization, wherein he is holding Barabus hostage.


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