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Remember, wherever we go, it is the blood of Caine which marks our fate. Farewell, vampire.
―The Cab Driver's last words to the Protagonist.

The Protagonist (also known as fledgling, Cammy, neonate, boss and kid) is the main character of Vampire: The Masquerade – Bloodlines, and is directly controlled by the player – their personality, deeds, clan, etc. are entirely up to the player.

The player can choose one of the following clans:

Character Creation Wizard

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In late October 2004, the protagonist and an unknown Kindred sleep together in a Santa Monica hotel room. Afterward, the Kindred, whose clan depends on which clan the player chose to be via character creation, Embraces the protagonist. Later, members of the Camarilla burst into the room and immobilize both Sire and Childe with wooden stakes, and take the two of them to the Nocturne Theatre Downtown.

There, Prince Sebastian LaCroix presents their case, saying that the sire of the protagonist violated the rules of vampire society to Embrace someone without the Prince's consent.

Eventually, the sire is executed by the Sheriff. Before the protagonist could be killed, a member of the audience audibly objects to the sentencing. This causes the Prince to pause, and change his mind in an attempt to keep relations civil. LaCroix decides to allow the protagonist to live, explaining to them the laws of their society, and granting them shelter in Santa Monica. From then on, the protagonist is set to work for the Camarilla, and is first tasked with meeting their first contact, Mercurio.

After exiting the theater, the protagonist meets Smiling Jack, who introduces them to the basics of survival and vampiric society. After surviving a Sabbat raid, the protagonist takes a cab to their first haven.


The fledgling's generation, an indication of how far a vampire is removed from Caine, can be determined by their total blood pool count, which is fifteen. This is equal to 8th generation, not 13th, as some assume it to be.

This allows to judge the generation of some other vampires by the result of using mental Disciplines. For example, Therese/Jeanette cannot be dominated by the player, which means that her, or their generation is at least 7th.

Generation of LaCroix is hence at least 8th too, since he can dominate the fledgling during the storyline and will do so if the player doesn't obey his orders. His failure to dominate the fledgling in the end can be probably explained by the character developing the Iron Will merit, which allows to resist domination by spending willpower.

Clan Options


Brujah protag.png

Members of a militaristic clan, Brujah are indomitable warriors. Physical Feats are granted three extra points to spend. Two points are given to spend on Mental Feats, but only one point for Social Feats.

Being a Brujah gives one advantages, due to their aggressive and violent Talents, which have four points to spend. Sub par in Disciplines and Knowledge – three and two points respectively. Brujah receive a +1 to all skills related to physical talents, but are penalized with a -2 with Frenzy, due to their passionate nature.



Gangrel protag.png

Due to their bestial nature, Gangrel clan members are finely attuned with their inner beast; as a result, their most powerful talents are their Physical Feats. Gangrel members are granted three points for Physical, two points for Mental, and only one point for Social.

Because of their nature, they receive a +5 to Strength, Constitution and Cunning if they enter Frenzy. For the same reason, it also produces a -1 penalty to resist the loss of control caused by Frenzy.

Their weakest talent is Knowledge, with only two points to spend on.


Of all vampires, Gangrel are the closest to their inner nature. Gangrel have a keen understanding of the Beast in their souls, and prefer to spend their nights with animals.


Malkavian protag.png

Members of the insane Malkavian clan possess a dark intellect; they excel in Mental Feats, with three points to spend. Malkavians also get two points to spend on Social, and one for Physical, their weakest attribute. For skills, being a Malkavian grants one advantages, considering their intuitive knowledge, allowing four points to spend. Their point yield in Disciplines is average, three points, and they're weak in Talents with only two points.

Malkavians start with a +2 bonus to Investigate.


Cursed with an incurable dementia, Malkavians are freed from the limits of reason, and this freedom is associated with a rare intuition, a strange sense that can not be perceived by the sane.


Nosferatu protag.png

Ostracized members of the Nosferatu clan are masters in the art of stealth and espionage; their most powerful Attribute is Mental, with three points to spend. Nosferatu also get two points to spend on Physical, and one point for Social, their weakest attribute. For Skills, Nosferatu have an advantage with stealth – four points to spend in all. They don't excel in Knowledge, three points, and they're weak in Talents, two points.

Because of their curse, clan members have zero points in Appearance, and their score cannot be increased.

Nosferatu and the Masquerade

A Nosferatu is so grotesque that one look by a human will cause them to flee and, if you commit a violent act, call the police. Because of their risk to the Masquerade, Nosferatu must travel through the sewers to avoid detection.


Twisted and deformed by the curse of vampirism, the Nosferatu are survivors who have mastered the art of stealth. Few creatures, mortal or vampire, know the alleys and dark corners of a city as well as the Nosferatu.


Toreador protag.png

Members of the sophisticated Toreador clan have the power of speech; thus their most powerful Attribute is Social, with three points to spend. Toreador also get two points to spend on Mental, and one on Physical, their weakest Attribute. For Skills, Toreador have an advantage with charisma and other such verbal talents, with four points to spend. They do not excel in Knowledge, three points, and are weak in Disciplines, two points.


They are the most connected to the mortal world. The Toreador are introduced easily and gracefully between human society, enjoying the artistic delights of each age as a gourmet savors rare delicacies.


Tremere protag.png

Members of the sinister Tremere clan are masters of vampiric sorcery; their most powerful Attribute is Mental, with three points to spend. Tremere also get two points to spend on Physical, and one on Social, their weakest Attribute. For Skills, Tremere have an advantage with their arcane knowledge, and so have four points to spend. They do not excel in Talents, three points, and are weak in Disciplines, two points.

The search for arcane knowledge has taken precedence above all, and has weakened all other talents. Thus, Tremere cannot reach values ​​higher than four, for their Physical Attributes.


Masters of blood magic, the Tremere are feared, and other vampires are wary of their power and strange rituals.


Ventrue protag.png

Members of the aristocratic Ventrue clan are the leaders of vampire society; their most powerful Attribute is Social, with three points to spend. Ventrue also get two points to spend on Mental, and only one for Physical, their weakest Attribute. For Skills, Ventrue have an advantage with their cultivated knowledge, giving them four points to spend. They do not excel in Talents, three points, and are weak in Disciplines, two points.


Leaders of vampiric society, Ventrue see themselves as nobles in the classical sense of the word. When another vampire is need of help, the Ventrue can grant it ... for a price.



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