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Oh, the Sheriff, yeah. I love how everyone's talkin' about that big mystery. It's like someone Embraced a doped-up gorilla!
Smiling Jack talking about the Sheriff.

The Sheriff is Prince LaCroix's bodyguard, executioner and law enforcer of the Camarilla. He is the final boss the fledgling must face at the end of Ming Xiao’s route, the anarchs’ route, the Camarilla route, or if the fledgling decides to side with no one. The Sheriff can transform at will into a bat-like creature called the "Chiropteran Marauder". Due to LaCroix claiming he had acquired the Sheriff from Africa, along with his use of Animalism as well as a form of Vicissitude, his clan is rumored to be the Nagloper, a legacy of the Tzimisce hailing from Africa.


The Sheriff is a reserved and seemingly mute Vampire, with immense stature and inhuman appearance. He is completely loyal to LaCroix and is always ready to do as his master ordains.


The Sheriff is an exceptionally gifted and powerful Kindred, who eliminated three Sabbat vampires with little to no effort while they were shooting him with machine guns. He has shown great durability and stamina.

In battle, he uses a massive sword and can teleport short distances. He also shape shifts into a giant bat-like creature in which he will fly down from the tower and snatch cars with people in them from the street and throw them at the fledgling. If the fledgling spares Officer Chunk, one of the corpses he throws at the fledgling will be his. When in bat form, he may be blinded by bright lights, which means the fledgling can stun him by shining a spotlight on him (though this only works twice).

In the plus patch, he is capable of using Bloodsucker's Communion to drain the player of their blood.


  • The name of the form the Sheriff shape shifts into, the Chiropteran Marauder (Chiropteran Behemoth in the Unofficial Patch), is derived from the word Chiroptera, which is an order of bats.[1][2][3] This ability is granted by the Discipline Vicissitude.
  • If the player acquires the Sheriff's Sword via console commands, the description reads: "You're not supposed to have this, now you do."

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