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Maybe If I reviewed more Pancake huts, you'd know me.
―Flayton to the Player.

Tommy Flayton is a Los Angeles-based food critic.


The Player first encounters Flayton in Hollywood, outside the Cavoletti Café during the quest "A Dish Best Served Cold". The Player receives this side-quest from Prince LaCroix via email.

In the email, the prince informs the Player that he has a financial interest in the Cavoletti Café. He made an offer on the establishment in the past, but the owners refuse to accept it. The Prince asks you to convince Flayton, a visiting food critic, to give the café a bad review in retaliation. 

If the fledging attempts Seduction to influence Tommy, he will be unaffected unless the fledging is male.


Tommy Flayton is the typical cuisine aficionado. He is arrogant and quite rude, especially when food is below his high standards. He considers himself to be the highest authority in Los Angeles when it comes to food.


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