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Hmph. I don't rub elbows with the pretty bloodsuckers much, but I've seen them work people like puppeteers and that's admirable. Now if only they'd get off their slimy asses and put their talent to some use besides feeding their egos.

The Toreador are one of seven playable clans in Vampire: The Masquerade – Bloodlines. The clan has long been associated with art and socializing, which is incorporated into their weakness – when they are faced with a thing of beauty, they struggle to turn their attention from it.



While other vampires can travel through human society, and even blend in, the Toreador do it flawlessly and effortlessly. They are the closest to humans in appearance; they enjoy being in the center of the spotlight, and having mortals admire them. They're also the best manipulators and can easily get kine to do what they want. The Toreador are creatures of beauty and passion, and most of them were musicians, artists and poets in their mortal lives.


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Notable Toreador


  • The word "Toreador", meaning "bullfighter", was invented by Georges Bizet for his opera Carmen when he decided that the Spanish "Torero" had too few syllables to fit the song in which it is sung. The eponymous Carmen is best known for her desire to be admired and for her ability to manipulate the other characters in the opera. This is reflected in the lore of the Toreador which paints them as master manipulators, and the association with Bizets' opera is hinted at in both their love of art and the symbol of the rose.


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