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The Traditions are the fundamental laws of Kindred society, supposedly handed down by Caine himself.


Here is the basic breakdown of the six traditions:

  • Masquerade: Hide the existence of vampires.
  • Domain: A Kindred's hunting ground is his own territory, and he rules it absolutely.
  • Progeny: Sire only with permission of one's elders.
  • Accounting: Until childer are released, their actions are the responsibility of their sire.
  • Hospitality: Honor the domains of others, and present oneself to the ruler of any domain you visit.
  • Destruction: The right to kill Kindred is reserved for the Elder of a community. Only an Elder may call a Blood Hunt.

The Traditions form the legal backbone of Camarilla society, although in modern nights, the Prince fulfills the Elder role outlined in the traditions. Most vampiric culture springs from the Traditions — presentation is outlined in the Tradition of Hospitality, the Blood Hunt in the Tradition of Destruction and the parceling of land in the Tradition of Domain.


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