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Uh, how's it goin'? You, um, lookin' to buy or sell or...?
―Trip to the fledgling

Trip is the proprietor of Trip's Pawnshop in Santa Monica. He is a street vendor, and will sell the fledgling valuable items and illegal weapons. However, if the fledgling is not Seductive, Intimidating, Persuasive or Dominating enough, the only other way to access Trip's weapons is to hear he sells them by word of mouth – specifically from Mercurio, Arthur Kilpatrick, or Knox.

Personality & Appearance

Trip is very world-weary and dispirited, someone who believes that "Santa Monica is dead." His bruised eyes and almost slurred way of speaking implies he gets very little sleep, most likely due to him working nights. Trip is extremely paranoid, to the point where the fledgling must cajole him into selling weapons.


Item Price Stock
Revolver .38 (2).png
Revolver .38
$126 1
$90 1
Tire Iron.png
Tire Iron
$27 1
$90 1
Skill Book.png
So You Wanna Shoot Things?
$126 1
Skill Book.png
Computers for Grandma
$54 1
Bush Hook.png
Bush Hook
$324 1
Steyr Aug.png
Steyr Aug
$675 1
McLusky Calibre 0.50 (2).png
McLusky Calibre 0.50
$540 1
$540 1
Ammunition varies

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