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The Tzimisce are a clan of scholars and flesh-shapers.


If one were to described a Tzimisce as inhuman and sadistic, it would probably commend them for their perspicacity, and then demonstrate that their mortal definition of sadism was laughably inadequate. The Tzimisce have left the human condition behind gladly, and now focus on transcending the limitations of the vampiric state. At a casual glance or a brief conversation a Tzimisce appears to be one of the more pleasant vampires. Polite, intelligent and inquisitive they seem a stark contrast to the howling Sabbat mobs or even the apparently more humane Brujah or Nosferatu. However, on closer inspection it becomes clear that this is simply a mask hiding something alien and monstrous.



The Tzimisce are extremely adept at using torture, being immensely creative when it comes to inflict grievous wounds and exaggerate harm upon someone. Their most dreadful weapon in their arsenal, Vicissitude, can be used to deadly results. The Tzimisce consider that torturing the mind can achieve the same, if not better results than torturing the body, so their mastery over Dominate is amazing too.

Another torture is their famous blood bond torture, when they blood bond one person to another and then kill one of them in order to see the other one suffer.

Political activity

The Tzimisce is considered as the "soul" of the Sabbat, as they are the spiritual leaders and the intellectuals of the sect. They hate the Camarilla but they hate the Tremere much more, because of the fact that the Usurpers used Tzimisce blood when they became vampires in the first place. They also are one of the few clans that still support the innocence of the Salubri.

While a Tzimisce is an extremely sadistic kind of vampire, it is also a scholar and a born politician. They also are the rulers of Eastern Europe.

Known Tzimisce


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