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In-game favorites
Favorite character(s): Smiling Jack, Saulot, Isaac Abrams, Jeanette Voerman, Velvet Velour, Fat Larry, Venus Dare
Favorite clan(s): Salubri
Favorite faction(s): Anarchs
Favorite Discipline(s): Obeah, Celerity, Auspex, Dementation
Favorite hub(s): Santa Monica, Hollywood
Favorite club(s): The Asylum, Asp Hole
Favorite song(s): "Cain" - Tiamat
"Isolated" - Chiasm
"Moldy Old World" - Rik Schaffer

I am a great fan of the Vampire: The Masquerade lore.

How I view the clans in a few words:

  • Assamite: Ice cold killers...
  • Baali: A nice sunrise is what those S.O.Bs deserve.
  • Brujah: Rebels without a cause.
  • Cappadocian: At least the Giovanni don't live in graves or something... However, I respect those guys...
  • Followers of Set: Too obsessed and fanatical. However, Serpentis is a great Discipline.
  • Gangrel: I would prefer every Gangrel not named Beckett to stay in a forest or something.
  • Giovanni: "Spaghetti and corpses, boss..."
  • Malkavian: They are nice and funny... At least not when they go crazy and kill other people.
  • Nosferatu: It sucks being them...
  • Salubri: If the Salubri were to be listened, the curse of Caine would be much easier to carry... But vampires like to dwell in their own misery and to do nothing about it.
  • Samedi: If you thought it sucks to be a Nosferatu, think better... A most unfortunate combination between a Giovanni and a Nosferatu.
  • Toreador: Great artists and people with great Humanity, but way too egotistical...
  • Tremere: Envious mages who didn't have an Antediluvian so they decided to get one by force.
  • Tzimisce: Sick guys, but Viccisitude is amazing... Think at what you can achieve in terms of body modifications... Of course, not those creatures from the sewers...
  • Ventrue: If only they could take the stick out their ass...