Vampire: The Masquerade – Bloodlines Wiki

The console is an in-game command line tool that allows to access debug functions as well as display and alter game variables. It can be used for cheating, fixing broken game states and many other things.

Enabling the console

The console is disabled by default and only becomes available if the game is run with the "-console" command line parameter. The most convenient way of running the game with this parameter is by setting up a shortcut that includes it. The process differs depending on the operating system and whether the game is launched through Steam. Each case is described in detail below.

Note: Recent versions of the Unofficial Patch automatically place a shortcut with the necessary parameter on the Windows desktop and make it unnecessary to follow the steps below.


To add "-console" to the shortcut command line, go to your Vampire: The Masquerade – Bloodlines shortcut (by default placed on your desktop), right-click it, click properties, navigate to the "Shortcut" tab, and in the "Target" field add -console at the end of the line. Be sure that there is a single space between the last quotation mark and the hyphen. It should look something like this:

"...\Vampire - Bloodlines\vampire.exe" -console


In your Steam's library, right click Vampire: The Masquerade – Bloodlines under "My Games" to access Vampire: The Masquerade – Bloodlines – Properties. In the settings under the "General" tab, click SET LAUNCH OPTIONS... and enter -console into the empty field.


To enable the console, browse to and open the file ...Preferences\Vampire Bloodlines Preferences\config.

Paste the following at the end of the document.

"cmdlineadd" = "-console 1"

Accessing the console

To open the console, press the "~" (tilde key) button in the top left corner of your keyboard. Note that you must run the game from the altered shortcut, and by no other means; i.e. auto run from the DVD or using the Start Menu.

Console commands

Type the following commands into the console after activating it.

Note: Many of the console commands can potentially break the game state and should be used with care. To disable mods such as noclip, npc_freeze, or god simply retype them into the console to disable them
Code Effect
blood Sets player character's blood pool to approximately 75% full
blood # Sets player character's blood pool to indicated amount
blood 500 Give extra or infinite blood to withstand greater attacks
cmdlist List console commands
debug_infinite_ammo 2 Infinite ammo for all weapons except flamethrower
debug_change_masquerade_level 1/-1 Changes the player's masquerade level. Negative values add a masquerade level and positive values reduce a masquerade level.
draw_hud 0 Disables the HUD
FindPlayer().MoneyAdd(X) Gives player X amount of money
giftxp # Get experience points
give item_a_ Spawn clothing; cursor up or down to scroll console list
give item_g_ Spawn item; cursor up or down to scroll console list
give item_m_ Spawn money item; cursor up or down to scroll console list
give item_p_ Spawn vampire artifact or book; cursor up or down to scroll console list
give item_w_ Spawn weapon; cursor up or down to scroll console list
give [item] Spawn indicated item
give item_w_sheriff_sword Spawn Sheriff's sword.
god Enable invincibility
impulse 101 Gives all weapons, ammo and clothing
money # Increases all female characters' breast size by the indicated amount. The default value is 1, 3 is the maximum (however, this limit has been lifted in the Unofficial Patch).
noclip Disable clipping mode, enabling you to walk through walls.
notarget Invisible to everyone
npc_freeze Freezes NPCs in place including bosses.
v_hidevgui # Hides the HUD if set to 1, default value is 0
vitems List items that can be spawned
vchar_edit_histories 1 Edit player character's history during character creation
vgender_int (0-1) Determines whether the player is male or female. A value of 0 makes the player a female and a value of 1 makes the player a male.
vclan Player_[clan name] Changes the player's clan.

When changing clans that character loses all experience points spent and unspent.

vclan_[clan name or number] Allows the player to change to other non-player "clans". They're all essentially a bunch of character stats and skills thrown onto a character model that might not even appear. Many of them technically belong to other clans such as the Brujah. Many will crash the game.
vskip_intro Skip beginning sequence
vstats buy Use up any XP pooled from the "vstats sell" code
vstats sell Sell off dots in any attribute for experience points [Note]
vstats get [stat] [0-5] Set indicated attribute to indicated value
vstats get automatic_soak_successes [1-10] Add indicated value to all soak rolls
vstats get automatic_str_successes [1-10] Add indicated value to unarmed and melee combat feat rolls
oceanhouseQuestComplete() Skip the The Ghost Haunts at Midnight mission.
quit Closes the game.
chareditor Opens your character sheet.
Note: For example, if your character has 3 dots in Auspex, vstats sell Auspex 3 will convert your dots into 35 xp (the cost of buying 3 dots of Auspex). This is useful for changing the default starting Disciplines of your character.

Stat Names

Use one of the following values with the "vstats get [stat] [0-5]" code:

Item Names

Use one of the following values with the "give [item]" code:

  • item_a_body_armor
  • item_a_hvy_cloth
  • item_a_hvy_leather
  • item_a_lt_cloth
  • item_a_lt_leather
  • item_d_holy_light
  • item_g_astrolite
  • item_g_bloodpack
  • item_g_bluebloodpack
  • item_g_drugs_pill_bottle
  • item_g_eldervitaepack
  • item_g_keyring
  • item_g_lilly_diary
  • item_g_lockpick
  • item_g_wallet
  • item_g_vv_photo
  • item_i_written
  • item_m_money_clip
  • item_m_money_envelope
  • item_m_wallet
  • item_p_gargoyle_talisman
  • item_p_occult_blood_buff
  • item_p_occult_dexterity
  • item_p_occult_dodge
  • item_p_occult_experience
  • item_p_occult_frenzy
  • item_p_occult_hacking
  • item_p_occult_heal_rate
  • item_p_occult_lockpicking
  • item_p_occult_obfuscate
  • item_p_occult_passive_durations
  • item_p_occult_presence
  • item_p_occult_regen
  • item_p_occult_strength
  • item_p_occult_thaum_damage
  • item_p_research_hg_computers
  • item_p_research_hg_dodge
  • item_p_research_hg_firearms
  • item_p_research_hg_melee
  • item_p_research_lg_computers
  • item_p_research_lg_dodge
  • item_p_research_lg_firearms
  • item_p_research_lg_stealth
  • item_p_research_mg_brawl
  • item_p_research_mg_finance
  • item_p_research_mg_melee
  • item_p_research_mg_security
  • item_p_runwonted_rules
  • item_w_baseball_bat
  • item_w_baton
  • item_w_bush_hook
  • item_w_claws
  • item_w_claws_protean4
  • item_w_claws_protean5
  • item_w_colt_anaconda
  • item_w_crossbow
  • item_w_crossbow_flaming
  • item_w_deserteagle
  • item_w_fireaxe
  • item_w_fists
  • item_w_flamethrower
  • item_w_glock_17c
  • item_w_ithaca_m_37
  • item_w_katana
  • item_w_knife
  • item_w_mac_10
  • item_w_occultblade
  • item_w_osnndotnet
  • item_w_remington_m_700
  • item_w_severed_arm
  • item_w_sledgehammer
  • item_w_steyr_aug
  • item_w_supershotgun
  • item_w_thirtyeight
  • item_w_tire_iron
  • item_w_torch
  • item_w_tzimisce3_claw
  • item_w_unarmed
  • item_w_uzi

Known Bugs

There is a common bug where the game freezes after closing the console. To fix this you can enter 'chareditor', which will open your character sheet and then you can play normally.