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Weapons are items you can equip to your character to cause damage in combat. The Protagonist is always right-handed.

You can obtain weapons by buying them from the various vendors throughout the game: Trip, Mercurio, Fat Larry, Slater and Tseng. You can also obtain them from defeated enemies. The only exception is the Jaime Sue, which you obtain after completing the quest You Only Die Once a Night.

Note: This page contains basic information, for more details check the individual pages.

Ranged Weapons

Used for ranged combat, they are effective against humans but have a lesser effect against supernatural beings, except the flamethrower, which is very deadly against any race.

Name Description
Crossbow Unlike virtually every other ranged weapon in the game, a vampire's damage reduction does not apply to the damage caused by a crossbow's bolts, making it an effective, if slow-to-load, single-shot weapon.
Braddock 9mm A small, light machine pistol that fires a 9mm pistol round, not made for accuracy as much as to deliver the largest amount of ordinance in the shortest period of time.
Brokk 17c A 9mm standard pistol with a polymer grip and guide rod (instead of metal) that makes it lighter than other pistols.
Colt Anaconda A .44 magnum revolver. Feelin' lucky, punk? A large caliber monster with the power to stop almost anyone dead in his tracks.
Jaegerspas XV The SPAS-15 semi-automatic shotgun looks and fires more like an assault rifle than a traditional shotgun. It delivers bursts of deadly shot at a devastating pace.
Jaime Sue This is a standard rifle for sport hunting. It has to be reloaded after each shot.
Flamethrower Flamethrowers, in one form or another, have been used since ancient times. This one propels burning fuel in a several-foot arc, scorching everything in its path.
Lassiter Killmatic The Uzi was developed to be a reliable and compact gun, robust enough to take a lot of punishment, and accurate enough to dish it out in a hurry. The ergonomic design of the Uzi was one of the first to incorporate a wrap-around bolt and blowback action and to contain the magazine housing inside the pistol grip for quick and easy reloads. Limited recoil and climb make one handed firing feasible.
McLusky Calibre 0.50 This heavy gun was originally designed as a sport pistol for target shooting competitions. Due to the intimidating look of this massive .50 cal, it has been adopted as a favorite in movies and on TV shows as the all-purpose Big Gun. The Desert Eagle is one of the few gas-operated handguns ever produced, and one of the most powerful and heavy pistols available on the market.
Revolver .38 This is a cheap, small-caliber handgun used by start-up goods in alleys across the country. Also known as a purse gun.
Steyr Aug Even if the Steyr AUG AI was lackluster as a weapon it would still have a lot going for it aesthetically, but this lightweight Austrian assault rifle has proved reliable and effective, making it a popular weapon in militaries around the world. A 4X scope is attached for improved accuracy.
Utica M37 The 12 gauge M37 is designed for close quarters use as a home defense weapon. Tried and true service for military and law enforcement the M37 features all metal parts and a a bottom feed and ejector for both righties and lefties. It has moderate recoil and is fairly light for ease of use.
Dragon's Breath* In accordance with the protocol to the Geneva Convention of 1983 the use of phosphorous munitions in populated areas is prohibited. This sawed off shotgun fires them nevertheless.

*Note: this is an unused model which you can only obtain if you are using the Plus Patch.

Melee Weapons

Used for close combat, they are effective against vampires and they also give you the ability to perform stealth kills.

Name Description
Sledgehammer A heavy hammer ostensibly used for construction. Great for getting that song out of someone's head, as well as anything else inside.
Torch For when you want to get medieval on someone's ass.
Baseball Bat Once the signature cracks of this equipment conjured the images of America's pastime. Now, it has evolved into a brutal chorus of a thugsong.
A Severed Arm Although the previous owner probably misses it, you can still put it to good use.
Bush Hook Primarily used by gardeners, when used for intents other than its original purpose, the results are frequently gory.sangrientos.
Knife Some knives, throughout their entire existence, are never used for any malicious purpose. This ain't one of them.
Unarmed Being unarmed can be useful in many situations.
Tal'Mahe'Ra Blade This sword was forged by the Tal'mahe'Ra, a vanished sect of Kindred that purportedly ventured into the lands of the dead. It seems unnaturally light and causes aggravated damage.
Fire Axe Truly, a weapon for madmen. Who else would attack fire with a blade?
Katana A light, slightly curved traditional Japanese sword designed for quick slashing attacks. To Kindred, a competent swordsman is far more dangerous than a sharpshooter.
Tire Iron Heavy, metal, blunt. Could be used for fixing a flat, sure.
Baton A police baton.
Shin Gunto* This is a mass-produced version of the traditional Japanese katana. Not as effective as a real one, but quite dangerous nevertheless.

*Note: this is an unused model which you can only obtain if you are using the Plus Patch.