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Wong Ho is a character in Vampire: The Masquerade – Bloodlines. He is a Chinese businessman and the owner of the Red Dragon, a restaurant in Chinatown.


Wong Ho is an honorable individual and a successful businessman. However, he has his fair share of enemies too. He loves his daughter Kiki very much, despite her ill-mannered personality, as he was desperate in finding a way to save her after she was abducted by the Tong. Wong Ho is very loyal to Ming Xiao, believing almost blindly in her. He seems to despise violence and weapons.

Related Quests

Wong Ho's daughter Kiki has been kidnapped by the Tong, and he will only help the fledgling if they rescue her.

Original Gangster

After rescuing Kiki, Wong Ho directs the fledgling towards his friend Zhao, who had informed him of Kiki's location. If Zhao dies during the quest, he admits that he's not surprised by his death, and reveals that Zhao was once a member of the Tong himself.

Come Into My Parlor

While escaping with Barabus, the player can discover a computer with a message from Ming Xiao, ordering the deaths of Wong Ho and Kiki. With a high enough Persuasion level, the player can convince Wong Ho to leave Chinatown immediately


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