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I am a man of my word and I owed a debt to Wong Ho. By paying that debt, I have made an enemy of the Tong, who I once belonged to.

Zhao is a minor character in Vampire: The Masquerade – Bloodlines. He is the proprietor of Zhao's Imports.


Early life

Zhao was once a member of the Tong, a Chinese secret society frequently associated with underworld criminal activity.

Events of Bloodlines

After the events of the quest Kikinapped, Wong Ho will refer the fledgling to Zhao. While Zhao doesn't know where the missing Nosferatu agent, Barabus, is, he does know where the fledgling can find the leader of the Tong, Johnny. After giving the fledgling the information, he explains that, by fulfilling his debt to Wong Ho, he has raised the ire of the Tong. Just then, the Tong show up at his warehouse, and Zhao can die in the ensuing firefight.

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